Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Food and Soda Companies Returning to Sugar in Their Products

Do you drink carbonated sodas and pop? One of the biggest soda companies has plans to revert their soda beverages and pops back to sugar in an attempt to convince consumers that their drinks will now be healthier than their previous versions with artificial sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and saccharine. PepsiCo will shortly be releasing what it calls a "Throwback" line of drinks in an attempt to recapture their image with a younger, more hip demographic. Pepsi has already released similar products in other countries - Pepsi Raw in the United Kingdom and Pepsi Retro in Mexico.

In a similar effort, Log Cabin, manufacturer of "maple syrups" is also replacing their previously containing HFCS products with sugar. Because high fructose corn syrup has been under the radar for so many years as a dangerous substance that causes myriad health issues, the now less-demonized sugar is once again taking its rightful seat on the throne in processed foods.

The fact is, sugar is just as unhealthy to consume as HFCS. The other matter is that our culture has become so accustomed to having foods and drinks sweetened and filled with artificial flavors and chemicals, we cannot possibly fathom the idea of something standing alone on its own flavor. Bottled waters are now commonly filled with various kinds of sweeteners - from sucralose to dextrose to fructose - and high fructose corn syrup. Essentially, all of these sweeteners are not safe to consume - just like sugar. All have high glycemic indexes and raise the blood sugar significantly and quickly, and allow it to drop down just as rapidly. And in the meantime, when you are eating sugar, your body ceases to burn fat. Is it any wonder obesity is so rampant?

Folks, don't be fooled by this severe marketing tactic! Once again, these companies couldn't care less about your health - it's all about the profit margin. Don't fall victim to their schemes and attempts to reel you back in if you've abandoned their products. Stick to real, traditional foods for everything you eat. Most mainstream companies that sell packaged foods don't sell healthy food; they are simply trying to deceive the consumer in order to get you hooked on something else you'll become addicted to and can't live without - and your health is the thing that will suffer - but certainly not their pocketbooks. Remember that besides being bad for your health, processed and packaged foods are also expensive, which translates into being bad for your pocketbook as well.

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