Sunday, March 16, 2008

What Cookware Do You Use?

Are you using toxic cookware in your kitchen? You are if you cook with Teflon, aluminum, or any non-stick type of cookware (such as Calphalon, Anolon, or T-Fal). Chemicals from these types of pans, pots and other cooking devices leach toxic chemicals into your food during the heating process. If you have any of these in your kitchen, discarding them immediately is a good idea. Replace any cookware in this category with stainless steel that has magnetic attraction (a simple test with a magnet will work), cast iron, enameled cast iron, and ceramic coated-metal. Cast iron is ideal because you will never have to replace it due to its durability and it is naturally a non-stick type of cookware. Cast iron is also very affordable. I purchased a good all-purpose cast-iron pan that I do a lot of my cooking in for only $14. Most stainless steel has some transfer of magnetic property to food (such as carbon, iron, chromium, and nickel), so the magnetically-attracted variety is the lowest risk of those.

Using a microwave oven for any reason is also a bad idea for the following reasons: 1) Most of the containers used in these ovens are plastic, and heating plastic leaches chemicals into your food as well. 2) Microwave ovens effectively kill nutrients in foods when they are heated up, rendering them nutritionally deficient in content. 3) The cooking process also changes foods into potentially carcinogenic substances that are unfit to eat. For a full explanation on why microwaves should not be used, see

Using safe cookware is just another of the many ways you can eliminate toxins from your environment and improve your health. Make your kitchen a safer place to live, eat, and cook by replacing your toxic cookware with these safer alternatives.

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