Saturday, March 29, 2008

Allergies Got You Down?

Do you suffer from allergies? More people currently suffer from allergies than just about any time in history. Why? One of the reasons is due to the unnaturally high levels of toxic chemicals and disturbance in our environment. As population numbers continue to grow, our planet becomes more bombarded with pollution and health issues are exacerbated by all the toxins in our soil, water, air, and environment.

Many people develop allergies when they are children, and some grow out of them as they grow older. Many others find that the older they get, the more allergies they seem to develop. In other words, those sensitivities and reactions become worse, instead of improve, as time goes on and age sets in.

Why does this happen? As the body grows more and more toxic through repeated exposure to things that make it sick, the immune system becomes overwhelmed and is less and less able to handle otherwise benign elements (such as pet dander, dust, pollen), and even more intolerant of substances we ingest and eat such as ingredients in our food, water, and other beverages.

As one common example, the wheat that you've been eating your whole life may just now be starting to cause all kinds of bizarre and seemingly unrelated symptoms in your body. You might never make the connection unless you eliminated this trigger from your life to determine if you experience any changes in your health. When you remove a suspected cause of some problem and wait a period of weeks to see what happens, sometimes you find a surprising discovery you did not expect - that this one thing you believed couldn't possibly be causing issue is in fact the very culprit of all your woes.

Food allergies such as wheat, soy, dairy (pasteurized is usually the problem), and nuts are becoming more and more common for being found out as the cause of a myriad of health problems. The reason these four things cause such terrible allergic reactions is because they are almost always the most processed and changed groups in our food supply. Most of what you will find is not a natural, whole food and your body reacts to it violently because it cannot digest it properly since it is a foreign substance.

These foods usually contain little to no nutrients because they are so far removed from what nature intended. As a result, your body becomes ill. People are labeled by the health community as "allergic", "abnormal", and lumped into a group of people who are considered "sick" because they cannot tolerate these foods. The reality is, these foods are poison and as such, will always cause problems to many who eat them. Over time, more and more people will become unable to consume them. The truth is, if you are "allergic" to something, your body is producing a normal reaction to something abnormal in its environment. Even those who believe they don't have food allergies probably do and don't know it if they are consuming these substances.

These substances can play a role in the development of anything from eczema to asthma to serious auto-immune disorders such as fibromyalgia, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.

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