Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is a poison to the body. So stop eating it -- not just candy bars, desserts, and ice cream, but really cut sugar out of your daily rituals of eating and snacking. Sugar is toxic and suppresses your immune system, which is the center of health. Here are some ideas of how to reduce sugar intake:
  • Try drinking tea instead of coffee. Try drinking your tea without sweetner. If you must use sweetner, try stevia instead. Stevia is a natural sweetner that comes from a plant, and is sweeter than sugar.
  • Stop eating processed products for breakfast such as cereals, meal bars, pop tarts, muffins, cakes, etc., and don't drink juice unless it has been homemade in a juicer and contains some vegetables (greens are the most healthy ingredients for juice). Many processed foods are loaded with sugar and are one of the worst ways you can start your day. Instead, eat eggs, raw cheese, organic meats like turkey or bacon, sprouted grain breads, and raw milk. Add some vegetables to your eggs like spinach, broccoli, or other greens like chard or kale.
  • When snacking, throw away the rice cakes, chips, granola bars, cupcakes, cookies, candy, etc. Try eating raw nuts, raw cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. These make great, delicious snacks and give your body energy until your next meal.
  • Drink plenty of unfiltered water when you are not eating. Most overeating occurs as a result of being dehydrated.
  • At dinner, use a good, organic protein such as chicken or beef and prepare it with plenty of fresh vegetables and a healthy oil such as grapeseed. Try homemade soups, casseroles, or a stir- with some brown rice. Use garlic, salt, pepper, and other interesting spices to add interest to your meal. Prepare a big, fresh salad and use five or six different vegetables. Eat until you are full.
  • Reduce alcohol intake. If you are drinking as a way to unwind after the day's stress, consider taking up a natural activity like walking, pilates, or yoga to combat stress. A hot bath is good too, adding epsom salts and essential oils of your choice.
These tips can help you avoid sugar and by eating healthy foods, you will notice over time that you don't crave sugar the way you used to. The more you eat sugar and processed foods, the more you will feel like you have to have it everyday. The choice is yours!

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