Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stevia - The Magical Sweetner

Stevia is the wonder alternative to sugar. It is much sweeter than sugar, and is an herbal supplement derived from a plant in tropical and subtropical South America. A relative of the Chrysanthemum family, Stevia is growing in popularity and is available in powder as well as liquid form. It is available at most any health food store, and is becoming available in some mainstream grocery stores as well.

Most importantly, this amazing herb has been found to lower and balance blood sugar levels instead of wreaking havoc with them - unlike sugar. As such, it is safe for both Diabetics and hypoglycemics to use. However as with any substance, it is recommended that use of Stevia be done in moderation, and even sparingly in those who have trouble maintaining normal blood sugar levels - especially until individual results are known. Because Stevia is so incredibly sweet, small amounts can be used at a time to provide enough sweetness to satisfy most people's desire.

Visit Better Health Store for FAQ and a handy conversion table for reference in using Stevia to sweeten various foods. Cooking With Stevia has some good information about using Stevia in recipes as well. Give this dietary supplement a try, but also, use it to help wean yourself away from needing so much sweetness in your life.

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