Monday, March 17, 2008

Feed Your Children Healthy, Natural Food

Are your children eating healthy? Are you feeding them canned or packaged foods that are convenient and processed? Stop buying food bars, crackers, bagels, cookies, and bottled or canned beverages like juices and pasteurized milks. These foods are bad for your children's health and will eventually be one of the major causes of ailments like Diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer.

Give your children a healthy start by not giving into the pressures of the media and everyone else around you. Instead, get creative and think of ways to prepare fresh, raw, and natural foods for them that are interesting and healthy. Here are a few ideas:
  • Almond butter with apples or bananas
  • Carrots and broccoli with homemade balsamic and oil dressing (healthier and cheaper than bottled dressings)
  • Free-range, organic chicken or turkey roll-ups with veggies and raw cheese or
  • Meat kabobs with raw cheese and veggies
  • Protein smoothies with a good quality whey powder, raw milk or cream, and fresh fruit
  • Ezekiel bread with raw butter and lightly melted raw cheeses
  • Organic hot cereals such as kamut, buckwheat, millet, or quinoa and raw milk, a bit of brown sugar or real maple syrup, and fruit
These are all good, healthy alternatives to the processed junk found in the store. Boost your child's health and immune system, and give him or her the best start in life possible by feeding natural foods.

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