Friday, March 20, 2009

More "Health Tips" Rewritten

What are types of information do you trust from health authorities? Here is a "health tip" found on the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia web site:

"Instead of chips, candy, pastry or sodas, reach for healthier alternatives such as: flavored rice cakes, air-popped popcorn, low-fat yogurt, pudding prepared with non-fat milk, seltzer splashed with some fruit juice, graham crackers spread with low-fat cream cheese and jam, or frozen pops made with 100 percent juice".

All of the foods recommended as a replacement for the aforementioned junk foods are no better than chips, candy, pasties or sodas. Let's examine why that is:
  • flavored rice cakes - processed and probably full of chemicals, devoid of nutrients, possibly genetically-modified
  • air-popped popcorn - devoid of nutrients and likely genetically-modified
  • low-fat yogurt - processed, pasteurized, likely full of chemicals and sugar, and has had its fat removed and is therefore indigestible to the human body, possibly contains hormones and antibiotics
  • pudding prepared with non-fat milk - processed, likely full of chemicals and sugar, very low in nutrients pasteurized, and has had its fat removed and is indigestible, possibly contains hormones and antibiotics, very low in nutrients
  • seltzer splashed with some fruit juice - processed, full of sugar, and likely contains pesticides (from the fruit) and is completely devoid of nutrients
  • graham crackers spread with low-fat cream cheese and jam - processed, possibly genetically modified, full of sugar, has had its fat lowered and is indigestible, and likely contains hormones or antibiotics
  • frozen pops made with 100% juice - full of sugar, pasteurized, and devoid of nutrients
This advice, reviewed by a medical doctor (Patrick S. Pasquariello, M.D.), couldn't be farther from healthy. Yet this information is posted on a medical web site that likely experiences a lot of traffic from the public - and the people reading this are dangerously uninformed about the dangers of processed foods and are made to believe by medical "experts" that they are "healthy" snacks to consume. Use caution when you read something that says a processed food is healthy to consume. The only healthy foods to consume are whole, unprocessed, organic foods. You may be causing health problems to occur - such as heart disease, Diabetes, obesity, and cancer - without even being aware.

Better choices for snacks include the following:
  • Raw cheeses
  • Raw nuts
  • Fresh organic fruits and vegetables
  • Sprouted grain, organic breads with almond butter, raw butter, or a dollop of organic, 100% fruit spread
  • Homemade yogurts and cheeses from raw milk
These snacks come from whole foods, are delicious, and give your body the nutrition and support it needs. Can you say the same about the other alternatives?

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