Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Support for Respiratory Health

Do you take care of your respiratory system? Besides eating a healthy diet, exercise, and stress reduction (including deep-breathing exercises), a supplement called Cordyceps extract is known to strengthen respiratory function. This is a powerful mushroom extract which greatly assists optimal function of the respiratory system. The respiratory system is one of the seven channels of elimination and assists the body protecting itself from toxins, pollutants, and allergens.

Research has also shown that use of this herb improves oxygen uptake by both the brain and heart while improving resistance to hypoxia -- a state of oxygen deficiency in the body which is sufficient to cause an impairment of function. This extract is a great alternative to antibiotics and steroids for sufferers of asthma and chronic bronchitis in children and adults alike. Cordyceps extract clears bacteria from the lungs, thus making an environment for illness less likely.

Good practitioner sources to consult for herbal supplementation include homeopathics, naturopathics, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine experts. For more information about Cordyceps extract, read Dr. Chi's Herbal Formulas, (pages 59-60).

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