Thursday, January 15, 2009

More About Your Organic Bedroom

Here are more steps you can take to make an organic bedroom environment in your home:

Remove all carpeting. Most carpeting is neither environmentally friendly nor easy to keep clean and is a common place where dust, mites, and other irritants are found. Good choices to replace flooring with include hypoallergenic cork, ceramic tile, untreated/nontoxic wood flooring, or recycled linoleum called Marmoleum. Keep feet warm with natural area rugs which you can shake out and wash. Try Rawganique and Modern Eco Homes.

Remove draperies, curtains, or shades which may be treated with chemicals that are toxic (such as petroleum-based treatments). Replace your old window coverings with untreated wood blinds, fabric shades, or other window treatments designed with organic fibers.

Avoid the use of VOC paints, sealants, stains and other chemicals. In hospitals, AFM SafeCoat products are used and are recommended by environmental medicine physicians.

Try the Milk Paint Company in Groton, Massachusetts, which offers authentic no-odor milk paint in 16 colors. Read more about safe paints at Mother Earth News. Visit American Clay and check out their selection of 32 colors of natural clay plasters and a variety of finishes.

Another good alternative is hemp wall upholstery which can be stapled into place without the use of adhesives.

Air out bedrooms and bedding. As recommended by The National Lung Association, doctors, and the EPA, opening windows is recommended to encourage recycling of the air in your home. If you have seasonal allergies, consider installing a window guard to eliminate dust and pollen, and dirt particulate from coming into the room. It is the custom of Europeans to place comforters onto the windowsill each morning. Allow your bed to air out awhile before making it.

Keep your sleeping environment clean. Wash bedding often in hot water at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill dust mites. You can kill dust mites in cold water with safe detergents specifically designed to kill dust mites.

Clean the floor often - at least once a week and especially under the bed. Use a fresh mop head or HEPA vacuum and non-toxic cleaners.

For more ideas about making your bedroom and home environmentally safe, visit EcoMall and view this extensive list of useful products and services.

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