Thursday, January 8, 2009

Evidence that Organic Foods are Better

Some people believe there is not much difference between organic and conventional foods. But did you know that the average American eats a pound of herbicides and pesticides each year? It may be asserted that trace amounts of these substances cause little to no harm. However, if an individual consumes in one year's time a pound of unnatural chemicals that are intended to kill living organisms, doesn't it seem likely that damage to the human body could conceivably be observed?

In general, organically grown foods contain higher levels of nutrients because organic farmers are more conscientious regarding their animals’ health and how they maintain and care for soils where food is grown. A study conducted by Bob Smith from Doctor’s Data, examined organic versus commercially grown apples, pears, potatoes, wheat and wheat berries. Findings revealed that mineral levels in organically grown food were twice as high, on average, as commercially grown foods. When produce and animals are raised without being sprayed or administered artificial hormones and antibiotics, these substances cannot be passed along to humans! As time goes on, more studies and research connect these substances with many disorders such as reproductive cancers and endocrine disorders.

So, choose organic as often as possible. It may cost more, but what is your health worth? Spend more now on good quality food and you will notice your health costs over the long-term going down. You will spend less time in the doctor's office or hospital and more time on things that are really important.

For a list of the most important foods to eat organic, visit Delicious Foods.

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