Monday, September 29, 2008

Toxic Chemicals in Antibacterial Soaps, Toothpaste

Do you use a lot of personal care products? A dangerous chemical called triclosan, contained in many products including toothpastes and antibacterial soaps has been found to promote cancer. The ingredient is not only unhealthy for humans, it's also unhealthy for the environment. Careful reading of ingredients shown on labels of all products will enable you to avoid this toxic chemical.

According to Natural News, "When tap water meets toothpaste, the triclosan reacts freely with the chlorine in the tap water to become chloroform (a chlorinated aromatic) and is similar to the dioxins found in the compound Agent Orange. It's a chemical reaction occurring right in your mouth while you brush your teeth." Once you rinse it out you are still at risk. Studies reveal this chemical remains in the mouth for up to 12 hours and is easily absorbed into skin on the tongue and through mucus membrane areas in the body. At greatest risk are children who are more likely to swallow toothpaste during teethbrushing.

Best alternatives are environmentally-friendly brands such as Logona or Mint-T-Fresh. Also, try using baking soda and food grade hydrogen peroxide. For soaps, natural bar soaps are best; avoid pump soaps in plastic containers as most of those contain chemicals and emulsifiers. A good pump soap brand is Dr. Bronner's (check out their other products as well).

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