Thursday, September 11, 2008

Improving Your Sleep Habits

Do you stay up late at night to try and get some personal time? Personal time is important, but so is a good night's sleep. If you are staying up all hours of the night and then dragging yourself out of bed the next day to get to work, school, or other obligations, perhaps it's time to change your habits.

Instead of going out late at night or watching television, try winding down quietly at home with some relaxing music and low lights. Read a book for fifteen minutes, have some herbal tea, and then settle into bed before it gets to be much past 10:00 p.m. Make certain your room is well-ventilated and completely dark. If you have trouble falling asleep try turning on your radio for five minutes to a station that plays classical music and lying quietly. Breathe deep and move all thoughts of things you have to accomplish tomorrow out of your mind. Relax your muscles and get into a comfortable position. Don't forget to turn off your radio before falling asleep. Nighty-night!

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