Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Support Fair Trade

Have you ever purchased a product that reads "fair trade" on the label? In a global economy where profits rule all, smaller merchants, craftsman, farmers, and artisans are often left in a vulnerable position with no resources or ability to look toward a positive future for themselves or their communities.

Fair trade rules include the following:
  • Producers receive a fair profit for their goods or services
  • Forced labor and child labor is not allowed
  • Buyers and producers develop and maintain long-term relationships
  • Producers have access to financial and technical assistance
  • Sustainable production techniques are encouraged
  • Safe and healthy working conditions exist for workers
  • Equal employment opportunity is provided for all
  • All aspects of trade and production are open to public accountability
Some of the products you can purchase that display the Fair Trade label include the following:
  • coffee
  • sugar
  • teas
  • herbs
  • rice
  • vanilla
  • fresh fruit
  • cocoa and chocolate
  • arts and crafts
Fair trade helps people who have previously been exploited and impoverished to create goods and services to make a living and regain their traditional way of life.

Check in your local community for Fair Trade products. For more information about Fair Trade practices and how you can get involved, visit the following sites:

Ten Thousand Villages



Equal Exchange

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