Friday, August 1, 2008

Change Your Shaving Habits!

Do you use a harsh, chemical-laden product when shaving? Over time, these products will irritate your skin and you will absorb many toxic substances through your skin that will cause health problems. Many mainstream shaving products, as well as so-called "natural" and "organic" ones contain ingredients that clog pores and dry out skin, and will seep into the cells of your body which can contribute to diseases such as cancer.

A good alternative is a natural body scrub such as Bee Crow Bee. The ingredients are few and completely natural. See for yourself: sugar, shea butter, sweet almond oil and apricot oils, essential oils. This body scrub is fabulous on your skin and prevents nicks and cuts due to its high moisture volume from real oils. The motion of the sugar moving on your skin is a good stimulant to help circulation and blood flow movement. Your skin will be soft and smooth, and you'll say goodbye to all those expensive, toxic shaving products you have used for years. Use care not to apply to broken or irritated skin; rather, wait until an affected area has healed before applying.

Bee Crow Bee uses packaging that is good for the environment as well because they use glass bottles for their body scrubs, which are brown-colored to protect the contents of their ingredients. These body scrubs are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way, which will also save you money.

Use a scoop or a spoon for your scrub. This will reduce contamination into your container from fingers and increase the shelf life of your scrub. Make certain to replace the cap of your body scrub immediately after use to keep steam and water from the bath or shower out of your container, which can cause decay of your product.

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