Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Horrors of Premarin

Do people shoot horses? Sure they do, but horses are also used for the pharmaceutical industry in ways many would never imagine. A popular drug on the market used by doctors called Premarin is used for hormone or estrogen replacement. In order to collect the substance, urine, used for Premarin, pregnant mares are kept in dastardly conditions where horses receive not only sub-standard care but are grossly neglected.

Great bodies of research exist which have clearly linked the connection between pharmaceutical use of drugs like Premarin with increased risk of breast and other cancers. Read this report by the National Cancer Institute for a detailed look at this phenomenon, and another study prepared by Medicine Net.

Alternatives to HRT or hormone replacement therapy are vast and useful, as compared to the choice of taking pharmaceuticals and contributing to the widespread abuse of horses. Natural diet, a healthy lifestyle, herbs, and homeopathy are great alternatives to getting a prescription for this drug, which has yet to show benefits over risks to health. Through natural means, women can and do balance out their bodies for the better and overcome the difficulties of menopausal and other related health issues. Many women in developed or Western countries experience exaggerated symptoms of pre-menopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal effects, while those in less developed countries which rely on fewer drugs and have natural lifestyles experience those symptoms to a much lesser degree or not at all.

If you are suffering from PMS, menopausal issues, don't give in to the pharmaceutical trap! There is a better way. For more information about Premarin, visit Premarin (.org) and Premarin Facts.

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