Monday, July 14, 2008

There's Soap...and Then There's Soap!

Everyone is obsessed with anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners. In this case (as well as many others), the majority of people doing something doesn't make it safe or correct. In fact, anti-bacterial soaps are dangerous because they effectively wipe out all bacteria, including good bacteria that your body uses to fight off illness, infection, and disease (similar to antibiotics).

Where will you find antibacterial soaps? Almost everywhere - look in the restrooms of stores, restaurants, malls, hotels, offices, spas, hair salons, doctor's offices...and even in people's homes you will find antibacterial soaps! You can now find antibacterial hand sanitizers and thousands of personal care products with antibacterials included in them everywhere as well. These are very harmful and full of toxins. What are all these antibacterial products doing to us? Are they actually preventing disease and illness? No way! The presence of these substances is helping to spread horrible, super-resistant bacteria that will make people very sick and eventually will cause death.

So here's the thing, and this is not rocket science: avoid antibacterials except in rare instances. You don't need antibacterial soap every time you wash your hands. You just need good, natural soap with no chemicals. Bar soaps are usually fine. About 95% or more of soaps you purchase in containers (liquid, pump, etc.) are full of chemicals (even those claiming to be natural or organic). Plastic will also leach from the container into the soap you pump onto your hands. That's why bar soap is best. You can even purchase little compact soap containers to put your soap in when you go away from home.

Another benefit of not using antibacterials is that you will save yourself a lot of money, as packaged products are very expensive. Oh, and you'll save the environment by not contributing to the sale of more products made with petroleum. That's fantastic for our Earth as well as helping to keep gas prices down. Yippie! That's good news for everyone!

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