Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Millions of people struggle with their weight; especially in the United States. There are many books, weight loss programs, medications, and diet pills on the market to tell you just how to do it. In most cases, none of these things work. Here's how you can lose the weight and keep it off, FOR GOOD:
  • First and foremost, you must commit yourself to a lifestyle change. The only way you will successfully lose pounds and stay at your body's normal weight is to make one of the most important decisions of your life to alter your lifestyle to a truly healthy one. If you cannot do this, you will always have a weight problem. A truly healthy lifestyle is holistic - that is, it involves the following factors: diet, environment, the water you drink,the exercise you engage in regularly, healthy supplementation, stress management, and last but maybe most importantly, detoxification.
  • Diet should consist of elimination of most or all processed and packaged foods. That means crackers, rice cakes, baked chips, soy products, bagels, pastas, most breads (except Ezekiel products eaten in moderation), pretzels, "health bars", cookies, cakes, pastries, candy, desserts, and similar items. If you are not already, switch to all organic, hormone/steroid/antibiotic free pasture-raised meats and poultries. Eat wild caught fish that are safe. Eat organic fruits and vegetables - particularly vegetables. If you aren't already, start eating vegetables with every meal. Increase your intake of fresh, purified water. Eliminate all sodas and juices, and start drinking herbal teas. As much as possible, do not consume pasteurized dairy products. Pasteurized dairy products contribute to allergies, IBS, heart disease, osteoporosis, and a wealth of other problems. Visit Organic Pastures for good news about raw dairy. Eat healthy oils such as olive oil and grapeseed. Eat raw foods every day such as nuts, cheese, and fruits and vegetables.
  • Engage in moderate exercise as often as possible. Walking or riding your bike are excellent, save the environment from pollution, and are free (minus the purchase of a bike).
  • Learn about detoxification and do it. This is paramount in weight loss success. If you don't detox, much of the excess weight you already carry will stay on in your tissues from past lifestyle habits. For more information, see this article on Agriculture Society (you may need to page down). Detoxification should be done with the aid of a knowledgeable health care practitioner to make sure you are doing the right plan for your body, to maximize your efforts, and avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money on products with which you aren't familiar. Detoxification can take months and years to complete, if done correctly. Don't assume you will see results overnight. If you stick with it, however, you will see results.
  • Take healthy, organic, whole food supplements. Because of soil depletion, toxins in the environment, contamination to the food supply, and other factors, our food is deficient in nutrients compared to the historical past. Everyone needs supplementation. You need vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber, probiotics, and possibly homeopathics or herbals. Consult a knowledgeable health care practitioner for your needs. Recommended are naturopathic doctors, nutritional therapists, chiropractors, and other similar health care professionals.
  • Find a stress relief program that works for you. Whether this is meditation, massage, yoga, martial arts, Pilates, acupuncture, or whatever is right for you - do one of these activities regularly to help minimize the effects of stress on the body. Stress contributes significantly to weight gain, health problems, and premature death.
If you are tired of weight loss programs, schemes, and gimmicks, now is the time to act. You don't have to throw your money away any longer on garbage low-fat fad foods, diets, and weight loss programs. Give yourself the boost you deserve by deciding that you are the only master of your destiny, and you don't need someone else to sell you an idea about losing weight. Your body knows what it needs, and so do you. Listen to your instincts. Natural, healthy foods with the right balance of fats, proteins and cholesterol are the only things that will help you to regain your health. You have been lied to about how to lose weight so millions of other people can make money off your misery and unhappiness. Don't wait to lose the weight...start today!

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