Monday, June 2, 2008

Lifestyle Matters

Do you live a healthy lifestyle? Do you eat enough vegetables and fruits, healthy proteins, avoid processed carbohydrates with grains, exercise regularly, take whole-food, organic supplements, get adequate sleep, and engage in stress-reducing activities? If not, your health could be in jeopardy.

"We all know that living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, being physically active and not smoking
reduces the risk of physical problems and improves overall physical health," said Kevin Stein, director of Quality of Life Research at the American Cancer Society's Behavioral Research Center and lead author of the Clinical Oncology study. "Here we have additional evidence that it not only reduces disease burden but also improves emotional health and quality of life and, moreover, the effect appears to be cumulative. The more you comply, the better your quality of life."

Making changes now can prevent problems in the future. Don't wait until you start to notice something is wrong. It is not what you do once in awhile that provides quality of life, but what you do on a daily basis. When you make a commitment to changing your lifestyle to a healthy one permanently, you provide yourself the best insurance you need for a healthy life. How you live really can mean the difference between developing degenerative health issues and a lifetime of sickness versus superior well-being and health.

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