Saturday, February 16, 2008

Plastics are Destroying our Environment!

Much controversy exists about the use of plastic for many of the things we do each and every day. Some statistics will tell you plastic is biodegradable while others will not. As one example, some research will tell you to use paper bags instead of plastic to combat the problems petroleum-based bags cause to our environment, but paper has been purported to consume even more energy than plastic to produce.

The truth is, plastic bags are one of the most ubiquitous forms of pollution to be found. When I drive to Las Vegas to visit family, all I can see for nearly fifty miles outside of the city is garbage blowing all over the land - consisting in large amounts of plastic bags. This problem is widespread all over the globe. Plastic leaches into our soil, water, and air, and causes a myriad of health and environmental issues. What can we do as a society to reduce the ungodly amount of plastic permeating our planet?

Use common sense. If you are already using plastic bags, use them as many times as you can - the same with paper. If you shop at a store which uses paper bags, recycle them. You can also switch to a variety of "alternative" materials in bags such as hemp, canvas, cotton, and other environmentally-friendly cloth carrying devices. Net bags are making a comeback and are very sturdy and useful - and just look at how cheap they are! If you use plastic in any other capacity in your daily activities, look for ways to cut down and eliminate by replacing with paper, wood, metal, or glass. Check out this article about boycotting plastic at Agriculture Society.

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