Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lowfat? Nonfat? No Way!

If you are in the habit of purchasing products that claim on the label to be "lowfat" or "nonfat", you may be surprised to learn that these foods are in fact very bad for your health. Many low and nonfat foods are loaded with carbohydrates that your body translates into sugar. Sugar is a poison to your body, and if you read labels on the packaging of many low and nonfat foods, you will soon discover that many of them contain high amounts of some type of sugar. Don't take the manufacturer's word for it - be your own health detective. Also, any whole fat that has been changed in order to claim it is low or nonfat is an incomplete food because that fat has been altered from its natural state and becomes either indigestible or toxic to your body.

Remember, any natural foods that are low or non fat are almost always fruits, whole sprouted grains, or vegetables. Everyone needs fat in their diets for optimal health. Meats and dairy products that are organic, whole, and naturally produced without chemicals or additives have the correct amounts of fat your body needs to function properly. You cannot make your body sick by eating moderate amounts of them.

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