Friday, April 3, 2009

Processed "Milks" Harmful to Health

Do you drink soy, rice, or nut milks as an alternative to dairy? You may be surprised to learn that these beverages are not healthy to consume. These drinks are processed and full of highly toxic material to the human body. One of the most dangerous aspects of soy, almond, rice, and other processed milks is that they contain oxidized cholesterol. They also must be fortified with nutrients in order to be able to place information on the label indicating the food is a "wholesome" product. Fortified nutrients do not absorb into the body. Finally, these drinks contain high amounts of carbohydrates and little protein, making them particularly harmful to the digestive tract and pancreas. All soy milks (even the "plain" or "original" varieties) contain brown rice syrup or evaporated cane juice - or worse, some artificial sweetener which can be even more harmful - all to cover up the unpleasant taste of plain soy milk.

Oxidized cholesterol, interestingly enough, finds its way into many "foods" on the grocery store shelf. Among other things, it is also an ingredient in baby formula - and from the most unlikely source you might imagine - the nonfat milk. Do you really want your precious infant consuming this substance?

The soy industry has exploded with processed, harmful products such as these, which don't even remotely resemble traditional, nutritious, real foods. But the soy industry (as well as rice and nut) have cleverly convinced people through untruths and slick marketing that these products will deliver you to the optimal health state which up until now, you have only dreamed of.

If you are going to avoid dairy products - of which most are unsafe to consume because of pasteurization, processing, the types of feed consumed by dairy cows, hormones, steroids, and antibiotics - don't make the mistake of switching to these products which are no better, and could easily be even more harmful - and risk your health. If you are going to consume dairy, now is the time to consider healthy, raw dairy products from a grass-fed, organic source. These products are optimal for health and the environment. Do some research in your local area to find a safe, organic, grass-fed source for dairy. More and more farmers are realizing the health benefits of raw and grass-fed.

For more information on the dangers of processed "milks" visit the Weston A. Price Foundation.

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