Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prescription Drugs, Healing, and the Almighty Dollar

The use of prescription drugs has led us into a lot of trouble with regard to our health. According to Dr. Hyla Cass, "Nearly 50% of American adults take at least one prescription medication, and nearly 20% take three or more." Often, little consideration is given to the side-effects of medications until it is too late. News of drug recalls fill media broadcasts in alarming numbers, and doctors fail to try natural remedies or solutions as an alternative to the flood of prescriptions and surgical procedures recommended, many of which fail. As a result of the over-use of antibiotics, drug-resistant strain bacteria capable of causing death now prevail. Annual spending on drugs for medical conditions in 2004 was nearly $200 billion. Health care costs and insurance premiums continue to rise with no hope of relief in sight.

Besides the obvious damage to the economy, the condition of our health as a society continues to decline. Our dependence on drugs to solve health issues shows no sign of letting up. One of the most common side-effects of continued prescription drug use that is never mentioned the body's loss of nutrients. The body relies on nutrition as the foundation of its ability to retain health. Dr. Cass agrees, "Most medications will rob your body of essential nutrients." Because the body is compromised already when the medications are prescribed, resources in each organ and affiliate system function at lower and lower levels when medication enters the blood stream. In its weakened state, the body cannot use its most powerful resource to its full potential - the immune system - to regulate and bring health back up to its optimal state.

Why does this happen? Most doctors have limited time to devote to each individual patient in office visits. Also, doctors know very little about nutrition and how it supports overall health.
Finally, doctors receive paybacks from drug companies for using their medications, and therefore they have an interest in maintaining a relationship with pharmaceutical corporations.

In general, it is wise to avoid taking medications at all costs unless there is simply no other alternative. Just because you have a cold or sore throat should not warrant making an appointment to receive antibiotics. There are many successful ways to manage health and prevent disease. Normally the medication route is used because people desire a quick fix and they don't want to bother trying to find out what can be done to eliminate their symptoms completely, nor do they want to do the necessary work.

For more information on this subject, read "Supplement Your Prescription" by Dr. Hyla Cass. Dr. Cass explains how you can take control of your health by knowing what lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements can make you healthier without drugs, and specific information about what side-effects and nutrient depletions occur most frequently with commonly used drugs.

Here are some natural treatments used by many with success for many health disorders:

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture
chiropractic Care
nutritional therapy
naturopathic care

Each of these methods seeks to use the body's natural healing abilities to maintain health without surgeries or drugs. For more information on natural health, visit Agriculture Society.

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