Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is Your Memory Poor?

Do you find that your memory isn't what it used to be? Here are some tips for improving your ability to retain information and remember important items:

  • Prioritize your life. Make lists and keep goals by accomplishing necessary tasks first and letting less important ones go to the back of your list. Cross off anything that you have already taken care of so you can have a mental focus in your brain of what you must concentrate on during the here and now. Lists are useful because when you look at your own handwriting, your eyes tell your brain to remember things that may have only been in your thoughts and this will reinforce your intentions.
  • Drink plenty of water daily. Keep a jar nearby that you can refill and drink out of throughout the day. Avoid bottled water or using plastic bottles due to the leaching of BPH and other toxins into your drinking water.
  • Increase consumption of high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, and replace processed grain products with moderate amounts of whole, sprouted grains.
  • Obtain 20-30 minutes of sun daily, and expose as much skin as possible. Sun's rays provide maximum benefit when various part of the body are exposed. Avoid sunscreen. Begin sun exposure with shorter periods (10 -15 minutes) and slowly add minutes each day to keep from sunburn.
  • Obtain moderate exercise. Begin with walking for 10 minutes and increase gradually each day until you are walking for one hour.
  • After about 15 days, you will notice improvement in the ability to remember more things. Keep doing this for the rest of your life.