Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Use Oil of Oregano

Looking for a natural and effective treatment for many ailments? Oil of Oreganol (also known as Oil or Oreganol P73) is one of the safest, most powerful natural anti-bacterial and antibiotics (NOT pharmaceutical) available.

The oregano in Oil of Oregano comes from wild Mediterranean sources and supports health in many ways, but is particularly effective for boosting the immune system. Oregano contains antioxidants which help fight the takeover of free radicals in the body. This natural oil is also a super antiseptic, killing unfriendly germs. It is also capable of extinguishing fungi, yeast, viruses, and parasites as well as bacteria. This product is very effective against many flus, colds, and other illnesses, and has been used since Biblical times for similar purposes. It can be taken topically as well as internally.

When selecting a container of Oil of Oreganol, make certain you choose a variety that is from the Mediterranean, and not derived from wild Spanish thyme (check the label), which is your assurance of high quality and guarantee that you are indeed purchasing the genuine oregano oil.

The oil is very powerful on the tongue and should be taken with water. The best method is to add 3 - 5 drops to a small glass of water and drink it down. I have personally experienced sinus headaches disappearing within minutes after taking this remedy, as well as know others who have had similar occurrences.

For additional information about this wonderous substance and how it can help you, visit VitaMaker. To learn about how this plant has been researched and clinically proven to improve health, read an incredible book by Dr. Cass Ingram called The Cure is in The Cupboard.

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